Dress Your Desk

As spring sunshine starts to beam more brightly, I find that I need a little something different in my work surroundings to keep the ideas pumping and the spirits high. Whatever your style, spring cleaning isn’t just for the dust bunnies. Take this opportunity to spruce up your workspace and show your creativity.


Quirky and fun desk accessories are sure to brighten the work day.


For the modern man, polished wood, clean lines, and neutral touches are the perfect way to clear the mind for a day’s work.


The key to keeping an adult workspace in the home is to create a separate space for the kiddos. Pop colors, fun shapes, and interesting pieces will keep the attention of the little creatives.


I like my in-home workspace to reflect the rest of my home’s design. For me, the classic home office is perfect: it meshes well with the rest of the house, but still creates a calming, work-centered space.

What’s your workplace style?

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