Decorating Layer by Layer

Building a room from the ground up isn’t as intimidating as it may seem. Layer by layer, you can easily create a space full of character and personality with vintage and handmade pieces. Here are a few methods to create a dynamic, appealing space.

Start with the floor and work your way up, choosing something textural, dimensional, colorful or pattern-driven. Beginning with a statement pattern means that furniture can be simpler. Accessories with a pop of color help draw it all together.

For a room filled with luxury, mix textures and metallic finishes in a similar palette with one big attention grabber like an amazing piece of art, dramatic gilded drapes, or a show-stopping furniture piece.

Natural rooms can be hard to get right because everything starts to blend together. Bold, simple graphics can keep the overall feeling subdued while adding in plenty of variation.

Whatever your style, building a cohesive spot that you adore is best taken one layer at a time. I promise, you’ll love the custom style that results.

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